Travelling Man

Travelling Man


FEVER  (click here for music video)

I’ve got a fever, and I’m passing out with pain, 
Need to heal but no doctor can remain. 
Try to stand now, I collapse on to the ground, 
In the kitchen, a crumpled heap is where I’m found. 
So forsaken, no-one’s coming down my path, 
My heart’s breaking, ‘aint the first and not the last. 
Got a fever and I'm never coming back.
I've got a fever and I think it's going to crack open me.

Got a fever, and there’s no-one else to blame, 
Got a demon and he’s dancing round my brain. 
Sickly feel, but there’s nothing left to give, 
Feeding leeches from my medieval ill 
I’ve got nothing but a dirty broken mind, 
I want something  either death or peace of mind. 
Got a fever, hope my end is nearly here, 
That I’ll last long smothers hope insane with fear. 
Devil’s laughing, ‘cos there’s no escaping him, 
Reaper’s coming, there’s no pitying my tears. 
Goodbye to you, I’ve said all that I can say, 
Darkness closing – I can’t keep its grip at bay. 
I’ve got sunburn on the back of my fever, 
Feel the sweat drip down the back of my fever.  Oh, it’s my fever.

ANNE - a dedication to Anne Frank (click here for music video)

Haven’t heard from you since your last letter, 
Hope you’re feeling better now you’ve cried. 
We’ve been having the most awful weather, 
Hope you’re keeping safe and warm inside. 
I know that it hasn’t been so easy, 
And I know it’s hard to keep that smile, 
Please believe me, and please do tell Kitty, 
All you’re going through will be worthwhile. 
And it’s the love you’ve shown me, 
Open up and show me again, 
You touched so many hearts, Anne... 
Love  you’ve shown me, 
Pass it on and read it again 
It wasn’t all in vain Anne. 

Recently I moved aside the bookcase, 
Standing where you once poured out your fears, 
Please forgive me, I’m too late to help you, 
Like you’ve helped so many through the years. 
Aspirations met without your knowing, 
Time to put the demons here at bay, 
I will not forget the things you taught me, 
Seizing every minute of the day.


Looking round I see you dancing, 
I don’t know anyone 
Who makes me feel my heart is laughing 
Every way in everything you do. 
Sun and moon revolve around me, 
They don’t shine like you do. 
Hauntingly I see you smiling 
Even when you are far away. 
You have got to…you have got to
Come see me playing ‘cos I will steal your heart. 
And I have got to…I have got to 
Hold you tightly ’cos  you have stolen my heart. 

Frantically we search the darkness, 
For something to guide us through. 
Finding it’s a passing madness 
When I wake, when will I find you?

DRIFT  (click here for music video)


Bad day and I’m drifting home. 
Silently on my own. 
Thinking about the last, 
Images of the past. 
And I drift….I drift away,
on the sails of words you never say. 

Looking out, this land sleeps. 
George and mine, gently weeps 
Softly, hope is withdrawn. 
And so I sing to the dawn. 
Minutes pass, I look again, 
Still there is nobody in, 
Tear me down, burn me up, 
Just leave my mind, I’ve had enough. 
Looking for something that you can hold dear to 
It’s nothing if not far away, 
Changing my mood, an insufferable brood, 
Well it’s only a moment today. 
Killing is stylish if you wear the right boots, 
And slouch in a fashionable way. 
Tired of chasing, emotional racing, 
You’ve pushed me, I’m drifting away.

And I drift away...


I’m the ghost hunter I am qualified through real life, 
To be host to your séance I hope you won’t be terrified 
Though there’s blue skies above oh, there’s darkness on the inside, 
Of your home only I can save you if you pay the price 
Now we’re seated around your dirty little kitchen table, 
Hold my hand form a circle, blow out the candle light, 
‘Are you there, spirit? I feel your presence close by’ 
In a moment a shriek will make the little girls cry. 
And I guarantee you peace of mind, 
Saving you from your own imagination. 
Having spoken though me the ghosts decent to the underworld, 
I beat a silent retreat, my wealth should come as no surprise. 
Though the spirits were vague, I made the mourners satisfied, 
False hope is still hope and in the end we all will die.


I hitch a lift from the harbour car park, 
I stood there waiting for, oh, so long. 
I clutch my bag and my bourbon whisky, 
I sit and wonder what went wrong.
And in my pocket your crumpled letter, 
Sits unread where your tears have dried, 
My shoes are worn and my wallet's empty, 
I feel the hunger deep inside. 
‘Cos I’m a travelling man, I’m a travelling man, 
I’ll leave it all behind, I’ve left you all behind, 
And I’m a saint, strummer, drinker and lover, 
And I won’t know where I’m going ‘till I arrive. 

Well I got beaten in the city, 
Had to pretend that I had died, 
And my reflection was not so pretty, 
Except the angel by my side.
And I get dropped off as the sun is setting, 
There’s a beauty in its light, 
Pulling my ragged coat around me, 
I know that I will be all right. 
I don’t need no-one.


You're speaking very low, well say hello, 
Nothing could be further from the way you think that I am feeling. 
Oh no, oh no. 
Too much sunny weather can be harmful to your head I'm thinking...oh no. 
I hear people say it's my destiny but I just don't believe it, no I don't believe in it, 
Yeah, there was a time it was destiny but now I don't believe it, you can think anything. 

The statue's looking lonely, well it's baloney, 
Anything I think of makes reality a laughing stock, well, 
Oh no, oh no. 
Filling up your stockings with a tiny bit of soul, I'm thinking...oh no.

And I'm gone.

5476 Miles (click here for music video)

I used to have to find a place to crawl away, 
A darkened corner of my soul is where I’d stay. 
Happiness, it blew away, on winds of certainty, 
That you were still as distant as Los Angeles to me, 
I have got it bad...and when you come home, come to me... 
The walls around me were impervious to all, 
And for the first time in my life I watched them fall, 
You’re the first the only one, my Jericho lain bare, 
All I am and all I have is you forever, 
You have got it bad...and when you come home, come to me... 

You can love, you can love me, yes you can. 
‘Cos I already love you....’cos I really do love you. 

We take our baby steps, together all the way, 
And every moment takes us closer to the day, 
Waking to your smile, there’s not a single thing I’d need, 
Only all the love you give, my heart and mind you’ve freed 
We have got it bad...and when you come home, come to me...

QUE SERA (click here for 360 degree VR music video)


I can’t say I’m afraid 
Of what will be, will be, will be. 
People judge but they really don’t see, 
What you’ll be, you’ll be, you’ll be. 
And the truth is where it matters the beholder will see. 
I have got to say to you – you’re beautiful. 
And the scorn everyone of us knows, 
And the shame of being low. 
But those fools who are pushing you down, 
They don’t know you as I do. 
But the truth is where is matters we are more than we see. 
I have got to say to you – you’re beautiful. 

So beautiful.

THIRD MOVEMENT (click here for music video)


Taking up her tiny bag and frilly hat 
She steps out in the sun, 
Thinking she’s the only one for everyone, 
She’s so damn nearly true. 
On her phone she hesitates, it’s him again, 
But she won’t let him through, 
As she drives along, puts her make-up on, 
Only if it hid her sorrow. 
We’ve all been here before and it’s all about love you know. 
I never meant to hurt you, 
But we had to do it your way all the time, 
And the times I told you that I needed something else you turned away. 

Visiting a children’s park with pseudo heart, 
It’s plastic through and through, 
Fireworks light up the sky, a memory tries 
To break her shell in two. 
Eating off a paper plate it’s all too late, 
Or so she tries to say, 
And a distant bell peals “Won’t you try?” 
She can’t hear it, she has given up. 
We’ve all been here before and it’s all about love you know. 
I never meant to hurt you, 
But we had to do it your way all the time, 
And the times I told you that I needed something else you turned me away. 

Don’t go.