Well Well...the reviews are in!  

As you may have noticed, 'Well Well' is well and truly OUT NOW on download, CD and heavyweight vinyl. 

I want to start by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who's bought or listened to the album or who came to the launch party, or even just liked or shared a post.  Every little bit of support helps and it means a great deal to me. I'm grateful.

Some of 2019


The reviews have been glowing, here's a selection with a link to the full review:

'A rhythmic, stylistic trophy full of catchy lyrics and relatable themes. A creative outlet of writing and music embodied in an album called well well. I am indeed talking about Nigel Thomas and his incredible new piece of work.'
The Arts of Indie

'‘Well Well’ is a hugely enjoyable album, packed with energy and enthusiasm.'
Right Chord Music

'Well Well is another strong album from Nigel Thomas..its upbeat and catchy, the mix of crisp production, jazz and Beatles-like vibes work really well.'

'Nigel is one of those rare talents that not only continuously grow musically, but is not afraid to grow.'

'...it is to Nigel Thomas’s credit that he has made the effort to do the old school thing and make an album filled to the gunnels with musical goodness.'

'There’s no doubting that Thomas is an incredible writer, fusing together the late sixties and Brit-pop, something many people couldn’t pull off.'
Neon Music

'Beneath the layer of the music, which is both uplifting and pleasing to the ear, lies the lyrics, which take on political undertones and criticism of today’s self-absorbed “millennial” world. But like most of Thomas’ works, the meaning of each song lies in the listener’s personal  interpretation, as each stirs emotion and deeper thought.'
Rock at Night

'That sense of joy in the craft, of placing quality and veracity at the heart of things, lies at the core of everything that makes Thomas someone worth listening to.'
The Mild Mannered Army

In case you've not heard it yet, here are the links:



Radio play has been steadily increasing, (with supporters including the BBC's very own Janice Long) and my last single, 'I've Seen Forever' was the second most played track on UK Independent Radio at the end of last year, which as an independent musician is something I’m really proud of. 

I can't wait to see how the next single, 'Your Fire' performs!


I'm hoping to have music videos for every track on the album - here's the crackers so far. 

The video to 'I've Been Thinking' was based on the front cover and title track of 'The Nightfly' by Donald Fagen. Filmed at Soho Radio, London (an independent station) by Infinite Film.


A reminder of my time busking on the London Underground, 'I've Seen Forever' was written for a very special friend going through a tough time. Another great video by Infinite Film.

This music video for 'Well Well' was filmed on the streets of central London and Streatham Hill in 2019 by John Clay, check out more of his work here. 

Lots more new music videos coming up soon including 'Your Fire', ‘Smiling and Laughing‘ which stars Ewen MacIntosh (from 'The Office') and ‘Stepping Up’, an animated clay stop-motion video by my brother Terry.

Much love, 


P.S. do have a read of my God Is In The TV interview. 'Nigel Thomas, man of mystery, once again balancing light and foisting dark into unsuspecting passengers aboard his latest long play voyage.' 
P.P.S. This was the day Prime Minister Boris Johnson got to meet my Mum at my parents card shop in Wells. 

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