09.06.20 'Stepping Up' single review - 'Its rhythmic amble alone is pure manipulation, Thomas’ vocals quickly revealing the same thick temptation with their frisky dexterity. Loaded with sneaky hooks and flirtatious melodies, Stepping Up continued to direct body and imagination being most physically persuasive in a chorus of pure musical virulence.'

21.01.20 Well Well' album and 'Your Fire' single review - 'The clues were clearly there with The Foxes but both his new full-length and single alone declare Nigel Thomas as one of Britain’s finest songwriters.'

10.12.19 Interview and video premiere - God Is In the TV- 'Nigel Thomas, man of mystery, once again balancing light and foisting dark into unsuspecting passengers aboard his latest long play voyage.'

14.10.19 'Well Well album review - Right Chord Music- '‘Well Well’ is a hugely enjoyable album, packed with energy and enthusiasm.'

24.09.19 'Well Well' album review - KBPS- 'Well Well is another strong album from Nigel Thomas..its upbeat and catchy, the mix of crisp production, jazz and Beatles-like vibes work really well.'

19.09.19 'Well Well' album review - Jammerzine - 'Nigel is one of those rare talents that not only continuously grow musically, but is not afraid to grow.'

13.09.19 'Well Well' album review - Bluesbunny -'...it is to Nigel Thomas’s credit that he has made the effort to do the old school thing and make an album filled to the gunnels with musical goodness.'

11.09.19 'Well Well' album review - The Arts of Indie - 'A rhythmic, stylistic trophy full of catchy lyrics and relatable themes. A creative outlet of writing and music embodied in an album called well well. I am indeed talking about Nigel Thomas and his incredible new piece of work.

06.09.19 'Well Well' album review - Rock at Night - ' Beneath the layer of the music, which is both uplifting and pleasing to the ear, lies the lyrics, which take on political undertones and criticism of today’s self-absorbed “millennial” world. But like most of Thomas’ works, the meaning of each song lies in the listener’s personal  interpretation, as each stirs emotion and deeper thought.'

15.07.19 'Well Well' album review - The Mild Mannered Army -  'That sense of joy in the craft, of placing quality and veracity at the heart of things, lies at the core of everything that makes Thomas someone worth listening to.'

20.06.19 Live review at The Ned, London - Neon Music -  'There’s no doubting that Thomas is an incredible writer, fusing together the late sixties and Brit-pop, something many people couldn’t pull off.'

04.04.19 Live review supporting Mark Morris (The Bluetones) - The Mild Mannered Army -  '...they are passionate and honest songs that are delivered with a certain little charm, a twinkle in the eye and a fire in the heart.  Songs from the latest of nights on the most maudlin of streets for sure but thanks to his passion and talent Thomas never allows them to become bleak.'



29.04.16 'Travelling Man' album review - The Hearing Aid - ' an accomplished collection of songs from a man whose own musical journey has hopefully only just begun.'

01.04.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Indie Biscuits - ' ... he continues to prove himself as a gifted songwriter, vocalist and guitarist.'

01.04.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Indie Band Guru - ' Thomas has a youthful, magnetizing voice that’s perfect for the kind of rock-jazz combo he creates.'

24.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Aural Delights - ' High quality English pop music'.

23.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Rocky Road - 'Anyone looking for an engaging guitar record should look no further than this LP.'

22.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - TeeTotalGuitar - '...one of the most soulful modern indie rock albums you’re likely to hear for a while.'

18.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Write a Music Review - 'The album is a gripping listen that demands attention and respect, with plenty of great songs to get your teeth into.

18.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - My Dad Rocks - 'He uses his voice to satirise as well as sympathise in this attention grabbing collection of songs.

14.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Rock at Night - '...the melodies are beautiful...you will love this album.'

03.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Stephen Brolan - '...a masterfully crafted collection of songs."

01.03.16 'Ghost Hunter' single review - Brighton Source - 'Nigel grabs the listener on a journey of self-examination and mystique.'

23.02.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Pure M - 'Travelling Man combines characteristics of indie rock, pop and folk to create a colourful compilation that really resonates.'

21.02.16 'Travelling Man' album review - JP's Music Blog - '"Ghost Hunter" has the funk-fueled, garage rock that will make Thomas an indie-music star...wonderful songwriting.'

12.02.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Buzzjack - 'A very accomplished singer songwriter...a very well written and melodic album.'

10.02.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Digital Journal - 'I wouldn't be at all surprised if Travelling Man appears on a number of Album of the Year lists.'

25.01.16 Video review for 'Que Sera' - #Jammerzine - 'Just when I thought Nigel Thomas couldn’t out do himself any further, he does just that...truly the master of his own domain.'


16.11.15 Travelling Man album review - #Jammerzine - 'It’s hard to find a favorite track on an album this well crafted. Bravo!'

16.11.15 Gig review - Rock at Night - 'He's an artist that instantly grows on you...Nigel Thomas has "it", a real delight, a breath of "indie" fresh air'.

02.11.15 Review - Rockbandom - 'Vocally superb, lyrically supreme and the music is just honest, pure and fantastic. A defo for any collection.'

26.10.15 Interview - Songwriting Magazine - 'If you’ve just heard the single, you might be quite surprised by the album.'

18.10.15 Interview - Rock at Night - 'The melodies are sweet and dreamy while the lyrical content is both poignant and quirky.'

16.10.15 First Look - #Jammerzine - 'The track explores the theme of madness and depravity and is both intoxicating in its execution and enthralling in its delivery.'

07.10.15 Pick of the Week - Rocky Road - 'Musicality wise the song is strong and with such an exciting video to accompany it I just couldn’t pass it up.'

07.10.15 Get to know - Know Me Better Music - 'Definitely worth a watch and a listen!'

17.08.15 Introduction - Sam Might Say - '...you get a feel for the gorgeous melodies that Thomas writes, mixing your late sixties with a bit of Britpop, honest lyrics, and familiar sounds are what you get hooked to Nigel Thomas.'

15.06.15 Fever review - God is in the TV - 'when the delay warps his words, the tune gets filthier, it’s apparent we’re listening to a well-crafted corruption.'

20.11.14 Live review - Bluesbunny - '...intelligence has a deserved place in his words of musical wisdom.'