29.04.16 'Travelling Man' album review - The Hearing Aid - ' an accomplished collection of songs from a man whose own musical journey has hopefully only just begun.'

01.04.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Indie Biscuits - ' ... he continues to prove himself as a gifted songwriter, vocalist and guitarist.'

01.04.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Indie Band Guru - ' Thomas has a youthful, magnetizing voice that’s perfect for the kind of rock-jazz combo he creates.'

24.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Aural Delights - ' High quality English pop music'.

23.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Rocky Road - 'Anyone looking for an engaging guitar record should look no further than this LP.'

22.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - TeeTotalGuitar - '...one of the most soulful modern indie rock albums you’re likely to hear for a while.'

18.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Write a Music Review - 'The album is a gripping listen that demands attention and respect, with plenty of great songs to get your teeth into.

18.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - My Dad Rocks - 'He uses his voice to satirise as well as sympathise in this attention grabbing collection of songs.

14.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Rock at Night - '...the melodies are beautiful...you will love this album.'

03.03.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Stephen Brolan - '...a masterfully crafted collection of songs."

01.03.16 'Ghost Hunter' single review - Brighton Source - 'Nigel grabs the listener on a journey of self-examination and mystique.'

23.02.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Pure M - 'Travelling Man combines characteristics of indie rock, pop and folk to create a colourful compilation that really resonates.'

21.02.16 'Travelling Man' album review - JP's Music Blog - '"Ghost Hunter" has the funk-fueled, garage rock that will make Thomas an indie-music star...wonderful songwriting.'

12.02.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Buzzjack - 'A very accomplished singer songwriter...a very well written and melodic album.'

10.02.16 'Travelling Man' album review - Digital Journal - 'I wouldn't be at all surprised if Travelling Man appears on a number of Album of the Year lists.'

25.01.16 Video review for 'Que Sera' - #Jammerzine - 'Just when I thought Nigel Thomas couldn’t out do himself any further, he does just that...truly the master of his own domain.'


16.11.15 Travelling Man album review - #Jammerzine - 'It’s hard to find a favorite track on an album this well crafted. Bravo!'

16.11.15 Gig review - Rock at Night - 'He's an artist that instantly grows on you...Nigel Thomas has "it", a real delight, a breath of "indie" fresh air'.

02.11.15 Review - Rockbandom - 'Vocally superb, lyrically supreme and the music is just honest, pure and fantastic. A defo for any collection.'

26.10.15 Interview - Songwriting Magazine - 'If you’ve just heard the single, you might be quite surprised by the album.'

18.10.15 Interview - Rock at Night - 'The melodies are sweet and dreamy while the lyrical content is both poignant and quirky.'

16.10.15 First Look - #Jammerzine - 'The track explores the theme of madness and depravity and is both intoxicating in its execution and enthralling in its delivery.'

07.10.15 Pick of the Week - Rocky Road - 'Musicality wise the song is strong and with such an exciting video to accompany it I just couldn’t pass it up.'

07.10.15 Get to know - Know Me Better Music - 'Definitely worth a watch and a listen!'

17.08.15 Introduction - Sam Might Say - '...you get a feel for the gorgeous melodies that Thomas writes, mixing your late sixties with a bit of Britpop, honest lyrics, and familiar sounds are what you get hooked to Nigel Thomas.'

15.06.15 Fever review - God is in the TV - 'when the delay warps his words, the tune gets filthier, it’s apparent we’re listening to a well-crafted corruption.'

20.11.14 Live review - Bluesbunny - '...intelligence has a deserved place in his words of musical wisdom.'