THE FOXES - I am proud to have been lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist for The Foxes from our first gig in 2005 to our last gig in 2013. During that time we toured the world, from Inverness to Hawaii, worked with some of the most famous names in the industry and released an album and three singles (plus other rarities) , picking up two UK indie Top Ten singles hits on the way.   Everything we achieved we did by ourselves.

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Recorded at the famed residential Sawmills Studios in Cornwall (as seen in our 'Get Me' music video) by John Cornfield (Supergrass, Muse etc). You can read a little of the recording of this on my blog.

Album - Amazon UK - Last of Many
Album - Amazon US - Last of Many
Album - iTunes - Last of Many

Singles - Amazon UK (CD, download, vinyl)

These three singles were all recorded at Eastcote Studios near Portobello Road in North London, mixed by Sam Williams and mastered by John Davies at Metropolis.

Trauma Town (B-side: Hey Baby!)

Bill Hicks (B-side: Come and Get You)

Lover, Killer (B-Side: Headlock)

Singles - Amazon US (CD, download, vinyl)
Trauma Town (B-side: Hey Baby!)
Bill Hicks (B-side: Come and Get You)
Lover, Killer (B-side: Headlock)

Singles - iTunes (download)
Trauma Town (B-side: Hey Baby!)
Bill Hicks (B-side: Come and Get You)
Lover, Killer (B-side: Headlock)

* We only made 500 numbered copies of each of the vinyl singles, so they're pretty rare now and I see them going for stupid money on Amazon. I have some left though, so send me a message if you want them without taking out a mortgage. Same with the CD's. Sadly, 'Last of Many' never had a vinyl release.




Includes 'Hey Baby!', 'She's a Cow', 'Friday Night', alternative original recordings of 'Lover, Killer,' 'Suzy' and 'Run' and a host of never before heard tracks.


Album - Amazon UK - B-Sides & Rarities
Album - Amazon US - B-Sides & Rarities
Album - iTunes - B-Sides & Rarities


Depression, Joy and a Moment of Fame.

This was an EP of the first four tracks we recorded at Sawmills Studios with John Cornfield. This is actually a slightly different version of 'Country Low' in that it fades out nicely with the rain instead of leading in to 'The Sad Thing' on the album version. All other tracks are the same as the album.

We only sold the CD at gigs and gave away to industry people so they're very rare. You can get them for stupid prices on Amazon or email me.


This is the rarest of them all! Only sold a gigs and never digitally available EP containing tracks recorded at The Way studio in Hackney, with a completely different (better?) version of 'Lover, Killer on it - plus VERY different versions of 'Suzy' and 'Run' and a live favourite 'She's a Cow'. These tracks are now available on the 'B-Sides & Rarities' album.