Well Well. I watch a dying day...so comes a chance to put things right.


I'm excited to announce that my new album, 'Well Well', will be released by Keo Records on 13th September 2019 on download, heavy weight vinyl and because I'm old fashioned, compact disc (standard and special edition). Pre-sales information will be announced soon.

It was recorded at Hightown Studios, Southampton by Tali Trow and mixed and mastered by Sam Williams. 

The cover features original artwork painted especially for the album by Eddie Argos of the band Art Brut. In his own words...


Good writing is rare and important these days and I was so impressed with Paul from the music blog 'The Mild Mannered Army' whom I met in Edinburgh when playing with Mark Morriss earlier this year, that I asked if he'd write the very first review for 'Well Well' - hoping he'd like it. 

He did:

'A piano plays in an empty room. 

Shimmering shadows. 

Then a mass, a mess, of drums and harmonica. Delta blues from the Home Counties. 

Southern comforts. 

This is the opening to "Well Well", the new album from Nigel Thomas who sings and writes songs; like Gerry Cinnamon or Ed Sheeran but, you know, good.   

The opening track "Rita" is so far removed from the sort of faux sincerity of some singer-songwriters, so far away from the phoney romance of certain stars, so distant from being concerned with being of the moment that it sounds like it has arrived from some parallel universe where people care more about talent, ability and honesty than they do about haircuts and swagger. 

We can but dream. 

That sense of joy in the craft, of placing quality and veracity at the heart of things, lies at the core of everything that makes Thomas someone worth listening to. 

From the giddy rush of "Stepping Up" to the slightly more tender thrills of "I've Seen Forever" Thomas works hard to make songs so delightful, clever, layered and beautiful sound improvised and simple...they sound intimate.  "Sometimes life can only offer you cruelty" he sings on "I've Seen Forever" and it sounds like your best friend whispering in your ear on one of those days. 

There are other moments where the music sounds like the score to the haziest half-dreams of imagined summers days.  "Well Well" is exactly that.  It sounds like the California sun as it starts to set on July 17th 1978...or something.  Like an old song...like a song from a lost classic album that has been rediscovered in a thrift store and given the chance to find an audience it didn't manage at the time by some hip record producer. 

That seventies feel and the feel of West Coast America runs right across the album but, thankfully, Thomas never strays in Starsailor territory...there are no "freeways" and fake American tones here.  This is very much a record from an English musician...the best sort of English songwriter, the sort who is looking further than the Rhododendrons at the end of his immaculate lawn, cherry picking and looking with magpie eyes for inspiration. 

This is also a very English record in places, most memorably on "Smiling and Laughing" where the ghost of George Formby looms large.  Yes, really.  If you think that is anything other than a good thing then I'm not sure you and I can every really be friends.  The likes of Formby and Gracie Fields and Noel Coward are as important to the evolution of British pop music as that Liverpool band and the Droning Bones are.  Arguably more so. 

Thomas has produced an album that places the song front and centre, this is a record where it really is, as Pete Postlethwaite argued in "Brassed Off", music what matters.  There are enough catchy tunes, clever lines, heart breaking rhymes and beautiful tones to make any day feel better. 

Music to soothe. 

Music to cherish. 

Music that matters.'


I had a great time playing at The Apple Store on Regent Street back in March. Thanks to Carrie and everyone at Apple (and of course, the talented musicians who joined me: Jon, Pat and Alex) You can see footage of the gig below.  

More news to come. Naturally. 

Nigel. X

P.S. I had a great time playing at grand venue, The Ned, earlier this month. Very lovely review from Neon Music:   'There’s no doubting that Thomas is an incredible writer'.

'If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.' Anais Nin

'If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.' ― Albert Einstein

Alchemy Rose et al 


'Alchemy Rose', the first single from my new album is out now. An 'upbeat, summery Britpop future anthem', it's been really well received and you can download it now.

Amazon UK
Amazon US

The video was filmed on top of the PRS building in Streatham Hill, directed by Chris Presswell with assistance from Carina Birrell. Huge thanks to cast and crew as well as Laura McAleer and everyone at PRS.

Behind the scenes...


This was at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen and played to a lovely appreciative crowd! Thanks to everyone who came down.

I debuted a number of brand new tracks from my forthcoming album, including 'I've Been Thinking' and 'Well Well' - check them out below: 


"I ask the songwriter how his solo work differs to that he performed with The Foxes; what we can expect from his sophomore album; what sort of music he is inspired by - Thomas selects a few albums that have made an impact on him." Have a read!

Note: I never normally look this cool


I'm really proud of this collection of songs from my old band, The Foxes, many of which have either never been heard before or only available on long since sold out CD and vinyl. 

The album includes 'Hey Baby!', 'She's a Cow', 'Friday Night', alternative original recordings of 'Lover, Killer,' 'Suzy' and 'Run' and a host of never before heard tracks. ITunes, Amazon and all good online stores.

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Much more to come, including new album news, new music videos AND the day I got to drive a huge JCB digger for a horror short and another where I was filmed inside a fridge. 

I'm not kidding. 

Nigel. X







I'm thrilled to announce that my new record is being mixed by musician and producer Sam Williams

While famously having produced the platinum selling 'I Should Coco' by Supergrass, Sam's also worked with artists including Plan B, David Bowie, The Noisettes, Kula Shaka and Gaz Coombes.  

Sam Williams

The as yet untitled record will be out in early 2018 and I can tell you that from the early mixes Sam is sending through, it will be worth the wait. I'm really proud of it and the many fabulous musicians who have contributed to its creation. 


Acoustic guitar time - Martin DX1RAE

Patrick Kenneally on drums

Jon Bretman

Fact: Stephen's lap steel guitar is worth over £1k

Stephen Barlow

Elder brother Ian

Musician and session engineer Tali Trow
  Tali's son Arthur showing us how it's done


After a great gig at The Isle of Wight Festival, I had the pleasure of supporting Mark Morriss from The Bluetones up in Aberdeen. Lovely and talented guy, thanks to AGP Aberdeen and everyone who came to see me. 

Backstage lovin'
I also appeared on the Jon Holmes show on Talk Radio, playing a couple of songs live (with the brilliant Darling Boy) and being interviewed. You can watch it all below, should you so wish: 


When I shared the stage with the very lovely band that is Careless Sons for Cambridge TV Sofa Sessions last year, I had no idea I'd be in one of their music videos (and neither did they). It's one of the great randoms of the universe that I am, check it out below. 

They're doing a series of connected videos, so I'm also at the end of this equally brilliant music video of theirs too.  

Spookily, I have a massive fight with an onscreen girlfriend (which starts with smoke) in this Nathan Grisdale music video too. Things don't go well with the girl and I in this Jar Family music video either. 


I hate it when people pirate my music.

Much love, 

Nigel. X

P.S. One of my hugely talented friends is in a touring show called 'The Hartlepool Monkey' - it's brilliant, go see it!
P.P.S. I've just finished 'How Not to be a Boy' by Robert Webb. Well worth a read.
P.P.P.S. This is the most addictive game you'll ever play. Ever. It's all about paperclips/taking over the universe.

'If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.'
Albert Einstein.  

A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting.
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'So go create. Take photographs in the wood, run alone in the rain and sing your heart out high up on a mountain where no one will ever hear and your very existence will be the most hypnotising scar. Make your life be your art and you will never be forgotten.'
Charlotte Eriksson 

New album, new gigs... 

Hey, I've missed you. 

* LIVE *

Very happy to say I'm playing at the Isle of Wight Festival again this year on the Kashmir Cafe stage - Sunday 11th June at 7.50pm. Do come and say hello if you're there, it's going to be a great festival and the Kashmir is a great stage (they've even got special guests Wheatus playing the day before and their beer is the stuff of legends) Full line up here.

Mark Morriss

I'm also supporting the mighty Mark Morriss from The Bluetones in Aberdeen at Drummonds on 1st September. Tickets here. I love love love playing in Scotland, huge thanks to AGP for inviting me.

More shows to be announced soon...

The Hospital Club

The packed Hospital Club gig was great, thanks to everyone who came down for it and to Darling Boy for hosting! Here's a version of 'Stepping Up' which will be appearing on my forthcoming album.


I've been doing some advance work on my next album - it's going to have quite a different feel from 'Travelling Man', I'm really excited for you to hear it though the main recording sessions are yet to come.    



It was an honour working with Mike Batt on his musical 'Men Who March Away' which premiered at St.Anne's Church in Limehouse accompanied by the Docklands Sinfonia Players and a hugely talented cast and crew. I also got to play guitar with a full symphony orchestra, which was really quite special!

Keeping out of trouble with my guitar at the back

Second on the right with some of the amazing cast

Mike and I

I really hope it gets some kind of tour because it's full of really great music and a witty script and deserves to be successful. It's always something to work with someone you admire so much, and Mike's talent - not least at songwriting - is something to aspire to match. 

* FILMED LIVE  *(then edited, then award winning)

Some great reviews and laurels for the short film 'Interception' directed by Jesper Emborg and featuring the epic acting talents of Ben Gardner Gray and Francesca Fraser. You can watch it below. 


All three of my special 'Your Favourite Songs You've Never Heard' can be streamed or downloaded from here. Number four will be up soon, followed by an acoustic special. 

More soon! 

Nigel. X

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”

"Acting? It was my left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow raised."
Roger Moore


Shows, podcasts and new album 

Hello you! 

Thanks for dropping by.


I'm very excited for my gig on Friday 17th February at the prestigious Hospital Club in Covent Garden for the 'Darling Boy Presents' evening. 

This will be a stripped down acoustic show with double bass and I'll be playing brand new songs from my forthcoming album as well as tracks from 'Travelling Man'.  

The night kicks off at 7pm and I'll be on about 9pm. It's FREE ENTRY but as it's a private members club you have to register here for entry, which is but the work of moments.

Just add drums on 17th...
To compensate for my maestro drummer Pat not being in the photo above, here's a video of him playing along to the DJ after our recent Hamburg show - having very much enjoyed the wonderful (and plentiful) hospitality of our German hosts...


In association with Bombshell Radio, I've recently produced two podcasts on 'Your Favourite Songs You've Never Heard' - tracks from a wide range of genres and acts, signed and unsigned which you may have missed but which deserve to be heard and fallen in love with.  

The first show (2 hours) can be downloaded free via the Soundcloud link below. You can  download the second (1hour) for free via iTunes, and the main website here


I've the great pleasure of working with legendary songwriter Mike Batt on the premiere of his new musical 'Men Who March Away' set between the First World War and the Spanish Civil War. 

Tickets are available from here. Our first rehearsal was yesterday, it's really going to be something special. 


* Will be recorded soon.
* Will be recorded abroad. 
* Will be recorded in a furnace. 


If you've not bought your Limited edition heavyweight vinyl or CD's of 'Travelling Man' now is the time to do is as I'm including a variety of FREE BONUS CD'S/VINYL in all purchases. 

Every penny I make on album sales will go into recording the next album, so anything you buy really helps!

Available from: http://nigelsongs.com/store

'I wouldn't be at all surprised if Travelling Man appears on a number of Album of the Year lists.' Digital Journal.

'Travelling Man combines characteristics of indie rock, pop and folk to create a colourful compilation that really resonates.' Pure M.

'It’s hard to find a favourite track on an album this well crafted. Bravo!' Jammerzine.

'...a masterfully crafted collection of songs.' Stephen Brolan. 

'...one of the most soulful modern indie rock albums you’re likely to hear for a while.' TeeTotal Guitar.

' ... he continues to prove himself as a gifted songwriter, vocalist and guitarist.' Indie Biscuits.

'He's an artist that instantly grows on you...Nigel Thomas has "it", a real delight.' Rock At Night.

More reviews - http://nigelsongs.com/press

That's all for now. YOU are a lovely person for reading my blog, thank you. 

Nigel. X


'Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, 
To Soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.' 
William Congreve. 

'He who sings doesn't have bad thoughts'
Bulgarian saying and a clue.    

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