Well, 'Travelling Man' is now out and I've been genuinely taken aback by how overwhelmingly positive the reviews have been. Here's a small selection so far:

'I wouldn't be at all surprised if Travelling Man appears on a number of Album of the Year lists.' Digital Journal

'...a masterfully crafted collection of songs.' Stephen Brolan

' of the most soulful modern indie rock albums you’re likely to hear for a while.' TeeTotalGuitar -

 '"Ghost Hunter" has the funk-fueled, garage rock that will make Thomas an indie-music star...wonderful songwriting.' JP's Music Blog

'...the melodies are will love this album.' Rock at Night

'It’s hard to find a favorite track on an album this well crafted. Bravo!' Jammerzine

(More press on my wesbite)


Here's the fantastic stop-motion video to '5476 Miles' created by my youngest brother, Terry. It's entirely hand made and is the work of thousands of hours. Check out Terry's blog for lots of behind the scenes images and to see how he brought this video to life.

Terry also made the video to The Foxes 'No Reply' video. 


'Travelling Man' can be heard in full on Spotify and Soundcloud. All my lyrics are on my website.


A lot of people who enjoyed listening to 'Travelling Man', have bought a copy and supported me - please do so too so I can carry on making music.

Buy CD and heavyweight vinyl (buy direct from me and who knows what extra goodies might be included...)

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Already bought the album? Please leave me a review on Amazon or iTunes - it really helps. 


I love independent record shops - you get a level of service, knowledge and passion that big chains just can't provide.   

I'm proud that you can buy 'Travelling Man' on vinyl direct from an ever growing number of independent record shops, including:

Rough Trade, (off Portobello Road and East stores) London.
Sound It Out Records, Stockton-On-Tees
Carnival Records, Great Malvern.
Turnstyle Records, Streatham Hill, London

If you know a great record shop, please do let me know about it in the comments section below. 


Huge thanks to everyone who came to my launch party at The Camden Barfly. What a great night! My thanks also as always to the musicians who play with me (and who also played on the album) - Tali Trow, Jon Bretman, Patrick Kenneally and Dave Holland.

Allan McKay copyright photos are courtesy of

The day after the launch party, I had the pleasure of headlining another 'Sunday Sessions' night for Cambridge TV at The Portland Arms, Cambridge. It's only just been on TV, so I'll let you know when you can watch it online. Huge thanks to Ben and Paul from Sunday Sessions - they're truly passionate about what they do. 


You'll soon be hearing 'Ghost Hunter' on TV (not an advert!) I can't say anything else at the moment! 

I'll leave you with some music that isn't mine - I somewhat randomly had the good fortune to end up acting in this very touching music video for Nathan Grisdale's track 'What You Were Looking For' (along with talented actress Stephanie Tripp). Enjoy!

Nigel. X

P.S. I'm again featured in this great podcast, 'Addictions and Other Vices' - they paired my track 'Anne' with Blur's 'She's So High' - I can't complain. 'Anne' starts at 1.27.58. 
P.P.S. The mighty John Clay strikes again with this lovely video review of 'Travelling Man'.
P.P.P.S. Gallant Vermin. Get it?

"You get a good review, and it’s like crack. You need another hit. And another. And another." Alexandra Bracken. 

"When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have." Edgar Watson Howe.

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