Recording update


The initial recording session for my new album is now complete. It was intense but really enjoyable due to working with such great musicians and of course, Luke who engineered the sessions at Tilehouse Studios

The tracks we worked on are:

1. Anne - a dedication to Anne Frank (here's the acoustic demo). 
2. Fever - a dark, quite heavy track (an early live version here).
3. Destiny - this has a lovely, quite funky change in it! (here's a live acoustic version).
4. Que Sera - a delicate little gem is all I can say.
5. Ghost Hunter - another dark track, inspired by Derren Brown. This one is full of surprises...
6. Third Movement - an older track which now is full band. Here's the official video to the acoustic version.
7. Travelling Man - inspired by a tour of Europe with guitarist Jon which started this whole blog off as you can see.

Other tracks which may or may not grace the final album may or may not include: Let It Go, Dark Passenger, 5476 Miles, Stepping Up, Dancing. 

Here's a little 90 second video of the session to give you a tiny taster! 

The tracks are being mixed by Luke right now, I think they're really quite special and I'm excited to release them to the world. 

Huge thanks to Tali Trow, Jon Bretman, Pat Kenneally, Dave Holland, Luke Oldfield, Chris Preswell and not forgetting Gemma Corker for the amazing catering.

I'll leave now with some more photos for your delectation (click to make big).

Much love,

Nigel. X

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