1. Fever

From the recording Travelling Man

Words and music by Nigel Thomas.
Recorded by Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios.
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis.


I’ve got a fever, and I’m passing out with pain,
Need to heal but no doctor can remain.
Try to stand now, I collapse on to the ground,
In the kitchen, a crumpled heap is where I’m found.
So forsaken, no-one’s coming down my path,
My heart’s breaking, ‘aint the first and not the last.

Got a fever and I'm never coming back.
I've got a fever and I think it's going to crack open me.

Got a fever, and there’s no-one else to blame,
Got a demon and he’s dancing round my brain.
Sickly feel, but there’s nothing left to give,
Feeding leeches from my medieval ill
I’ve got nothing but a dirty broken mind,
I want something either death or peace of mind.

Got a fever, hope my end is nearly here,
That I’ll last long smothers hope insane with fear.
Devil’s laughing, ‘cos there’s no escaping him,
Reaper’s coming, there’s no pitying my tears.
Goodbye to you, I’ve said all that I can say,
Darkness closing – I can’t keep its grip at bay.

I’ve got sunburn on the back of my fever,
Feel the sweat drip down the back of my fever. Oh, it’s my fever.