1. Anne

From the recording Travelling Man

Words and music by Nigel Thomas.
Recorded by Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios.
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis. Dedicated to Anne Frank.


Haven’t heard from you since your last letter,
Hope you’re feeling better now you’ve cried.
We’ve been having the most awful weather,
Hope you’re keeping safe and warm inside.

I know that it hasn’t been so easy,
And I know it’s hard to keep that smile,
Please believe me, and please do tell Kitty,
All you’re going through will be worthwhile.

And it’s the love you’ve shown me,
Open up and show me again,
You touched so many hearts, Anne...
Love you’ve shown me,
Pass it on and read it again
It wasn’t all in vain Anne.

Recently I moved aside the bookcase,
Standing where you once poured out your fears,
Please forgive me, I’m too late to help you,
Like you’ve helped so many through the years.

Aspirations met without your knowing,
Time to put the demons here at bay,
I will not forget the things you taught me,
Seizing every minute of the day.