1. Ghost Hunter

From The Recordings Html

Words and music by Nigel Thomas.
Recorded by Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios.
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis.


I’m the ghost hunter I am qualified through real life,
To be host to your séance I hope you won’t be terrified
Though there’s blue skies above oh, there’s darkness on the inside,
Of your home only I can save you if you pay the price

Now we’re seated around your dirty little kitchen table,
Hold my hand form a circle, blow out the candle light,
‘Are you there, spirit? I feel your presence close by’
In a moment a shriek will make the little girls cry.

And I guarantee you peace of mind,
Saving you from your own imagination.

Having spoken though me the ghosts decent to the underworld,
I beat a silent retreat, my wealth should come as no surprise.
Though the spirits were vague, I made the mourners satisfied,
False hope is still hope and in the end we all will die.