From the recording Travelling Man

Words and music by Nigel Thomas.
Recorded by Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios.
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis.


I hitch a lift from the harbour car park,
I stood there waiting for, oh, so long.
I clutch my bag and my bourbon whisky,
I sit and wonder what went wrong.
And in my pocket your crumpled letter,
Sits unread where your tears have dried,
My shoes are worn and my wallet's empty,
I feel the hunger deep inside.

‘Cos I’m a travelling man, I’m a travelling man,
I’ll leave it all behind, I’ve left you all behind,
And I’m a saint, strummer, drinker and lover,
And I won’t know where I’m going ‘till I arrive.

Well I got beaten in the city,
Had to pretend that I had died,
And my reflection was not so pretty,
Except the angel by my side.
And I get dropped off as the sun is setting,
There’s a beauty in its light,
Pulling my ragged coat around me,
I know that I will be all right.

I don’t need no-one.