Trailers, tours and menageries!


First of all I'm very excited to announce that the official trailer for my feature film 'Candlestick' has finally been unleashed to the world! Have a look:

From TV Bomb: 'Candlestick is a stylish retro thriller taking its cues from Alfred Hitchcock’s classics Rope and Dial M for Murder. Director Christopher Presswell’s second feature sees a social gathering take a dark turn when the host suggests that his best friend’s wife may have been unfaithful. However, as the allegations start flying, it soon becomes clear that something far more sinister is at play. Watch the preview below then see the film as part of the Aberdeen Film Festival on Wednesday 8th October.' 

I'll be up in Aberdeen for the Film Festival on 8th October with plenty more screenings to come (including the Marbella Film Festival AND I've heard rumours of New York too). 

It really is a great little film of which I'm really proud to have been a part - keep up to date with screenings and exclusive updates on the Candlestick Twitter page. 


There's just ONE WEEK left to see my current production, The Music Hall Menagerie at the Leicester Square Theatre in central London, directed by Stuart Saint. It's a show full of laughter, songs, variety, fun and a touch of dance, do come and see it if you can (use the code WOW10 for special discount but keep it to yourself!).  


Finally, I can announce that I'll be embarking on a mini UK tour in November in advance of the release of my new solo album. I'll be joined on the tour with Cara Mitchell, a hugely talented singer/songwriter from Aberdeen. The tour so far (with huge thanks to Ross Calder of AGP Aberdeen)

Thur 20th Nov - GLASGOW, Nice 'n' Sleazy
Fri 21st Nov - EDINBURGH, Sneaky Pete's
Sat 22nd Nov - ABERDEEN, Cellar 35
Sun 23rd Nov - INVERNESS, Hootananny's
Mon 24th Nov - NOTTINGHAM, Acoustic Rooms
Tue 25th Nov - NORWICH, The Blueberry Music House
Wed 26th Nov - LONDON, Death2Disco
Thur 27th Nov - BRIGHTON, Chequers

I'll have more album news soon where lots of music videos are already in the works - I'll leave you with the full band video to Third Movement (a completely new remake of the acoustic video) by the fabulous Infinite Pictures, who made The Foxes music videos 'Bill Hicks' and 'Lover, Killer'.

That's all for now! Thanks for taking the time to read this blog - if you enjoyed it I'd be very grateful if you'd help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing on Facebook or Twitter. 

Plus I'd love to hear your thoughts on the trailer - so if you have 30 seconds, leave me a little comment below! 

Much love, 

Nigel. X

P.S. Death2Disco is back (in Camden)P.P.S. I'm not one to preach to the Scottish people about why they should vote NO in the forthcoming campaign to leave the UK (apart from saying 'Stay with us Scotland, we love you!')- so I'll let a Scotsman give you some interesting food for thought.
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