'Travelling Man' - OUT 14th MARCH


I'm very happy to announce that my debut solo album 'Travelling Man' will be released worldwide on Monday 14th March.

It'll be available on heavyweight vinyl, CD and digital download. I still have a tape deck, so could probably do a tape as well if anyone is hip enough to want one. 

Press review requests to my friends at Quite Great

The cover. Photo: Chris Presswell. Design: Gemma Corker.
Vinyl track listing

Having vinyl made is expensive (we couldn't afford to do it with The Foxes album), but I think not only is there a noticeable difference in sound quality and timbre (a warmth and depth to vinyl that you don't get with CD's and certainly not mp3's) but there seems to be a definite revival in the popularity of vinyl, with HMV selling one turntable a minute the week leading up to Christmas. 

So, hip trend or a genuine move back to sound quality and a physical format for music? I'd love to hear what you think, let me know in the comments box below. 


Just a few reviews for 'Fever':

'He's an artist that instantly grows on you...Nigel Thomas has "it", a real delight, a breath of "indie" fresh air' - Rock at Night

'Vocally superb, lyrically supreme and the music is just honest, pure and fantastic. A defo for any collection'- Rockbandom 

'The track explores the theme of madness and depravity and is both intoxicating in its execution and enthralling in its delivery' - Jammerzine  

'Musicality wise the song is strong and with such an exciting video to accompany it I just couldn’t pass it up' Rocky Road

More press coverage here and photos of the launch party here.


'Que Sera'

It'll literally be like nothing you've ever seen before. 
Behind the scenes (click for big versions) There's a little teaser trailer here too.

'5476 Miles'

Those of you wonderful people part of my Kickstarter will already have seen the nearly-complete card stop-motion video created by my youngest brother, Terry (who made The Foxes 'No Reply' music video). It's a slow, painstaking process to do stop-motion and how Terry's managed to make it this good is beyond me - it's really very special and will be released in the coming months...


Here's the interview I did with Anthony Baxter on London Live in November:

And here's the live version of 'Fever' with Jon Bretman on lead guitar and Tali Trow on double bass:


  Thanks to KBPS Magazine for featuring me in their 'Sound of 2016' tips! 


Had another great tour in Germany with Darling Boy, huge thanks to 'The Ones in Charge' and everyone who was involved and came to the shows.

One thing I will say is that really know how to do fire signs in Berlin flats...

This is going to be a brilliant year with lots more to come. Thank you so much to everyone who's helped and supported me, whether it's from my Kickstarter, musically or just reading this. I really appreciate it.

Nigel. X

P.S. Smog.
P.P.S. Blame it on the Blackstar...
P.P.P.S. Any suggestions as to where I should hold my album launch party, let me know below.
P.P.P.P.S. Brace yourselves for me, I'm going to be a storm.  

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