Well well videos

The video to Alchemy Rose was filmed by Chris Presswell on top of the PRS For Music building in Streatham, South London.

TRAvelling man videos

This entirely hand-made stop-motion music video to '5476 Miles' was painstakingly made by my youngest brother, Terry Thomas.

Directed by Chris Presswell, 'Que Sera' is one of the FIRST EVER 360 VR music videos ever made by an independent recording artist. Move your iOS or Anfroid device, or click and drag with your mouse in Google Chrome to experience the whole story!

'Fever' This video was written and Directed by Zoe. Produced by Gavin Fry. The influences used to make this dark, thought provoking video include the works of Burroughs, Bukowski, Ellis and Palahniuk.

'Anne' - Written while on tour in Europe, Nigel had previously read Anne Frank's diary and was hugely touched after visiting her house in Amsterdam. This song represents a letter to Anne thanking her for the positive influence she's had on the world.