1. Drift

From the recording Travelling Man

Words and music by Nigel Thomas.
Recorded by Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios.
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis.


Bad day and I’m drifting home.
Silently on my own.
Thinking about the last,
Images of the past.

And I drift….I drift away,
on the sails of words you never say.

Looking out, this land sleeps.
George and mine, gently weeps
Softly, hope is withdrawn.
And so I sing to the dawn.

Minutes pass, I look again,
Still there is nobody in,
Tear me down, burn me up,
Just leave my mind, I’ve had enough.

Looking for something that you can hold dear to
It’s nothing if not far away,
Changing my mood, an insufferable brood,
Well it’s only a moment today.
Killing is stylish if you wear the right boots,
And slouch in a fashionable way.
Tired of chasing, emotional racing,
You’ve pushed me, I’m drifting away.

And I drift away...